Marathon Entertainment


Don Murphy


"The Show Of The Millennium"


"Stage One"

The ultimate show extravaganza to promote your company/event!


Don Murphy will attach a drumming cage to a 70-ton (200-foot) crane, he will then start playing as the cage begins its ascent to 200 feet above the ground. Once the cage has reached its maximum height, Don will perform a mini-marathon drum solo from atop the crane for as long as event time permits (normally from 2 to 3 hours). Don has already completed this event three times (as can be seen on his videos page).

Don's Stage One has and will draw many people to the event staging area. It will also serve as a beacon, alerting all those in attendance to your company's presence. This event is also a proven media draw, as evidenced by the attendance of NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. a long with print and radio media.

This event requires an outdoor area of at least 200 square feet that is free of obstructions. If your company or organization would be interested in having Don perform this attraction at one of your upcoming events, Marathon Entertainment would be happy to accommodate you. We do need at least 4 to 6 weeks preparation time.

For further information please contact Don Murphy